Beginning January 3, 2015

With the coming of the new year, the Walters Boone Museum & Galleries is now free to the public, every day, Thursday through Sunday, 12pm – 4:30pm.

Visit our 6,000 square foot history exhibit space and our 4,000 square foot art gallery for absolutely no charge.

(Donations are very much appreciated!)

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“A Bell Rings Out”

A Bell Rings Out: 150 Years of Boone County Education

The long-awaited new history exhibit is now complete in its installation.  Curators Laurel Wilson, Nancy Ginn-Martin and Al Viola have worked very hard to produce a marvelous exhibit on Boone County Schools and classrooms as they existed over the past 150 years.  Each corner of the West Exhibit Hall contains something special.  Wander over to the south wall and find more than dozen mounted photos of Boone County’s one-room school houses.  Wander to another corner of the hall and find dozens of wonderful artifacts representing the clubs, sports teams, concert bands and other school activities from Hallsville, Sturgeon, Columbia, Centralia and Ashland.  You will also find a really fun exhibit featuring prom dresses and suits from over the years.  The ‘prom display’ includes large, framed photos of prom date couples through the decades.  Stop on by and find what your school donated!  The exhibit will run through August, 2015 and possibly be extended beyond.

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