The Boone County Childhood exhibit





The Boone County Childhood exhibit opened November 2nd and it is already attracting kids ages two to ninety-two!  In the exhibit, they are seeing toys as old as the 1880s and as new as the 1980s.  The exhibit’s themes include “Seen but not Heard” featuring dolls, a rocking elephant, and furniture from the 19th century.   “Make Do or Do Without” is filled with homemade toys including a barn and farm equipment made by Edward Harper when he was just 13 years of age.

Richard Sorrels loaned his wonderful antique pedal cars and an Irish Mail scooter and they are starring attractions for sure.  Visitors will find a variety of winter sports equipment on the porch in “’Wintertime Fun.”  The “Just like Mommy, Just like Daddy” segment of the exhibit shows how girls and boys were prepared for their eventual roles when they grew up.  In “As Seen on Television” visitors can see how television impacted how toys were marketing to children.

When you visit the exhibit do be sure to look up at the colorful kites hung from the 30’ tall ceiling.   They were loaned by Carolyn Spier.  The exhibit also offers a couple of tables where big and little kids can color or put together a puzzle.  ‘Grownups’ will find themselves reminiscing about their childhood and children will likely want to get behind the velvet rope and grab a toy.  The exhibit runs through September of 2017.



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