Museum & Galleries

The Walters History Museum recalls the traditional wood-hewn family farmhouse with its weathered boards and expansive porches. The heritage of Boone County tells the iconic story of America’s westward expansion into the new territories, as pioneers traveled across the country and settled the land. Building on a strong history of agriculture, education, medicine and banking, Boone County’s largest city, Columbia, is home to Columbia College, Stephens College, and the University of Missouri; and two major hospitals, Boone Hospital Center the University Hospital System.

Artifacts and collections from individuals and families throughout the county and central Missouri are conserved and curated in exhibits that change regularly. The Boone County Museum and Galleries works in partnership with other history organizations and historical societies, hosting visiting exhibits and featuring collections on loan to help tell stories and represent the culture that helped to create Boone County’s heritage. Exhibits in five galleries help tell the story of Boone County, from incorporation in 1820 through the events that shape the culture and lifestyles of today.

Inside the Museum and Galleries, varied exhibits tell the stories of Missouri settlers and honor the memories of 200 years of Boone County spirit. Stories range from the challenges of the earliest pioneers to today’s war heros; from the efforts of the county’s earliest doctors, to the cutting edge health care offered to residents in the 21st Century; from those who toiled over the land with a mule and plow, to companies that grew helping those landowners become successful famers in the heart of Missouri ~ all of which are part of the fabric of the Boone County community in the heart of Missouri. .

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